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Specialised web products focused on delivering you return on your investment

Quiet Storm has developed a content management software so simple to use that most people can edit their website copy and pictures within a few minutes of being shown how to use it. Using the Easy Edit software, you have the power to add new pages, modify existing ones, and change how a page looks.

In addition to the Easy Edit software, we have also created a portfolio of core modules containing all the key functionality required for most websites. The precise modules are listed within each of the three base product website pages and a full explanation of their functionality and editability can be accessed by selecting the relevant module link.

Quiet Storm's three base products will provide you with a website, which is unique to you. The design, combination of modules and the architecture will be mapped out specific to your requirements. These are:

Each of which may be used in their entirety or as a base for a more sophisticated or ‘bespoke website’. With any type of website created by Quiet Storm Solutions, we can add more specialist modules at any time, according to your specific e-business needs.

So why choose Quiet Storm to develop your website?

The website will be designed to add value to your business, easy to use, comprehensive development and support processes, using proven content management tools

So what value can we add to your business?

How can we achieve this?


How much and how long?

Are there any hidden costs?

What else?

Who owns the copyright and intellectual property to your site?

You do. All of the design, content, text, images, and files are yours. The only copyright and intellectual property that Quiet Storm retains is to the content management software itself. This is because we have invested years in developing and refining core functionality which is at the heart of all the content managed sites we create. This means you do not pay for these elements to be developed and the speed of construction plus build cost is less as a result.

Although the IP is owned outright by Quiet Storm, if a time should ever arise where we ceased to exist the IP would be passed to a purchaser or shared under escrow between all website clients.

If the software were to be opened up so that several developers were able to work on the same code it would be impossible to provide a holistic support package. Quiet Storm work with multiple suppliers on many projects and if this is a requirement then we have valuable experience in creating clearly defined areas of responsibility whilst presenting the ‘user’ with a seamless experience.

You are not locked into Quiet Storm and can transfer your site at any time.

We have developed proprietary working practices and processes, which ensure that our products are reliable and implementation runs smoothly and to deadline. Established in 1987, Quiet Storm has significant on and off-line marketing expertise in a number of sectors including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and service industries.

To arrange a no obligation FREE consultation please complete our enquiry form - stating which days and times would be most convenient for us to call you for a brief and informal chat about your requirements.

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